the holiday season: in perspective

Collectively, the holiday season that just happened was an engaging and perky period of my life. I admit, I had to leave the blogosphere for awhile for all the parties occurring around me. I couldn't party and blog at the same time. I just had to choose one and give most of myself to it. And the result is an outpour of precious memories.

Neil and Grace's Wedding at the Fernwood Gardens, December 20

Me Winning 10k in our Christmas Party, December 23

My Husband and Me with the Wacky Celiz Family, December 25

My Husband with Terrence at the Eco-Park, December 29

My Husband and Me with my In-Laws at the Eco-Park, December 29

Melot and Me at Seattle's Best Trinoma, December 30
(a sweet reunion after 16 long years!)

Me and Bruce in my Mom's Home, December 31

My Husband and Me, December 31

Me and Mai at La Maison Trinoma, January 4
(seeing each other a year and a half after I got married)

Reunions. Reflections. Realizations. All with a touch of gratitude. That was how my husband and I spent our holiday season.

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Joanne MV said...

Congrats! Ur lucky to won a 10k. Sigh! I wish I could win like that...