learning horticulture

I am having a full plate of horticulture --- on weekends and at night time when I get home from work. It never occurred to me it would be so much fun monitoring one's collection of plants. It does get frustrating sometimes when you see a leaf dry up or a twig fall off. Thankfully, I have my mom and sister who gladly help me with the ropes of gardening. Imagine the late night calls I give them whenever a plant looks dry and dull!

Growing one's garden requires great effort. But to see buds turning into flowers and ground cover plants crawling on your backyard is truly rewarding! Oh, and have I told you that learning horticulture is therapeutic? You should try it too! Here are the first few of my garden collection. I hope to grow more plants soon --- flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and herbs.

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Joanne MV said...

How's ur kingdom Jan? Wish I can nurture my own plants as well ;)