food for the soul 07.2010

Never look down on anybody
unless you are helping him up.
- Jesse Jackson

It’s easy sometimes to look at others and think that you could do much better than them, put in the same situation. “If I were her, I could have lost that weight already!” “If I were him, there would be much less fighting in the house.” It’s so effortless to stand back and shake your head. Resist this temptation. You’ll never be able to fully understand another person’s situation. So instead of waiting by, observing, and judging, what can you do to help make that person’s life easier? Don’t preach or give advice, unless it is asked for. Listen to them. By being a friend, you’ll not only help somebody in a time of need, but you’ll be earning this in return when you someday need it. - SPARKPEOPLE TRANSLATION

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