food for the soul 10.2010

Far away in the sunshine
are my highest aspirations.
I may not reach them
but I can look up and see their beauty,
believe in them
and try to follow where they lead.
- Louisa May Alcott

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What kind of person would you be? What would at typical day look like? There’s a reason that star-gazing provokes the most powerful dreams. They’re right there for the taking, yet you can’t touch them. Their distance only feeds an ability to inspire. Dreams may seem out of reach, but that’s not the point of dreams. They’re there to be felt, not touched or dissected – what a star is made of is meaningless to a moonlit dreamer. The epic possibilities are what’s important. The payoff is not so much in the destination as it is in the journey. By following your dreams, you make their beauty a part of who you are. Your life begins to shine. You become a better person. By chasing that star, you’ve already captured its magic. -SPARKPEOPLE TRANSLATION

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