diy fashionista camera strap

Admit it. That plain old black camera strap is boring. And just because you're the photographer, it doesn't mean you have to show up in every photo session looking boring too. Photographers need to look presentable in photo engagements! So grab that old camera strap of yours and turn it into something fashionable!

Armed with an ounce of creativity, I headed to a textile store and grabbed whatever matched my mood. I was feeling kinda sexy after a short run which burned a few calories. And so I went to the cashier with my "something sexy" finds: something red, black and
silver. And this is my final product --- my first diy fashionista camera strap!

Remember. You do not need to flaunt what camera you have by wearing that boring strap which brags its brand out loud. And yeah, photographers should look fashionable too!

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