kris allen wins 2009 AI

I admit. I was nervous after watching yesterday's final performances of the the remaining 2 American Idol 2009 contenders. Adam Lambert is simply an artist to beat especially with his version of Tears For Fears' Mad World. I mean, who could beat that! But Kris Allen gave a different kind of competition.

The 2009 American Idol began with Kris Allen performing with a pitchy voice. Compared with the rest of the Top 12, he was a total underdog with his limited vocal chords. Alth
ough every episode of AI showed him giving much effort, there were some performances which were really disappointing. He did give a good fight yesterday except for the last song when you barely could hear him singing as he lost his voice on one line.

So why did Kris Allen win the title of 2009 American Idol? I would say because of three things:

1. Among all the idol contestants, he is the most improved.
2. He showed a never-die spirit.
3. He won the heart of America with his extraordinary charisma.

Was I glad he won? Absolutely! Goodluck on your career Kris! Woot! Woot!


myls said...

yay! :) i will never forget his "ain't no sunshine" rendition. that was the best! paulit-ulit ko un pinapakinggan! :)

jan, i have new blog, http://mylsnaps.blogspot.com/. i think yun na magiging main blog ko. hehe. gawa ka rin nun, project 365, bagay sa'yo, mahilig ka rin kumuha pics. :)

Joanne MV said...

Hi Jan! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

No worries. I know your busy. I missed our coffee breaks...hehehe.

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it's not yet the right time for us to have a baby. I'm not loosing hope though :)

Thanks again sis! Mwah!

Joanne MV said...

Hi sis! Naka-post na po sa blog ko yung result ng B-HCG ko :)

SBL said...

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