goodbye curls

And so it finally happened. After a year of living and enjoying my every day life the sophisticated and matured way --- in other words, facing the mirror with long and big curly hair, I said goodbye to my curls. It felt nerve-wracking as my hairstylist snipped his scissors with my long hair slowly falling to the ground. I kept myself busy with all the fashion magazines within my reach, pretending I couldn't care less with how the haircut would suit my face. Truth is, my heart was pumping wildly!

By the time my hairstylist did his final touch on the last strand of my hair, I looked in the mirror and thought I was looking at a complete stranger. But no it wasn't a stranger. I was actually looking at me! Bob hairstyle, cut just below the ears to remove the curls. This time though, the highlight was the full bangs.

A day after I had my haircut, was our school's anniversary party at Dusit Hotel in Makati. It was hilarious when some of the guests, who knew how long my hair was, asked if I was wearing a wig! I guess they found it bold I cut my hair just like that. The photo above shows me on the left with my boss. As the party ended, the guests couldn't help but calling me Cleopatra, with my green and gold gown complementing my hairstyle!

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Joanne MV said...

You do like Cleopatra sis :) ;)