spammer bummer

There will always be a first time. And my first encounter with a spammer bummer happened very recently as it left an unwelcome message in my chat box. When you only get to blog occasionally, wouldn't it be irritating to see a spam message on your site? Out of impulse, I immediately deleted my chat box, knowing this would permanently remove all the messages my blogmates have left since the first day my blog was born.

Lesson learned in this experience is to make sure whatever you put on your blog is spam free. I am definitely going to put another chat box sometime soon. But in the meantime, as I search for a spam-free widget, you may leave me a message at the end of my post.

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Joanne MV said...

So sorry to hear that. Don't well hate spams?

Yesterday I received a comment from an anonymous person telling me that Filipinos are disgracing the internet by blogging about lies because of the paid reviews. I'm not sure if any of our blogger friends got a message like that.

Waiting for another round of coffee break :)