food for the soul 04.2010

"What a man accomplishes in a day depends upon the way in which he approaches his tasks." -Arland Gilbert

Do you go to work each day grudgingly, or do you approach things with a cheerful attitude and view them as challenges? This distinction can really make a difference. You’ll waste more energy complaining about or dreading something than if you were to just go ahead and get it done. You’ll make better use of your time, as well, by just going for it. Are there days when you sit at work or somewhere else just looking at the clock, the minutes creeping by? This could be because you are avoiding your work and don’t really want to put in the effort. But on days when you bury your head in your work, accomplishing a lot, it might seem like time just flew by. So have the right attitude. Whistle while you work. -SPARKPEOPLE TRANSLATION

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