tamed and domesticated

Like a puppy being trained to be familiar with her human pack, I too was tamed and domesticated the whole month of April. But it wasn't my human pack I was being trained to. It is the day to day routine of being a stay-at-home-wife!

April 2010 has opened my eyes on what it feels like to be a housewife --- waking up early in the morning to cook breakfast, cleaning every corner of the house, tending the garden, feeding and walking our Labrador Retriever, eating lunch alone, taking a nap, teaching our dog new tricks and then finally preparing dinner while waiting for my husband to get home. While it sounds tiring, I
must say that it is very interesting to do all of these chores. By the time the evening news starts, I pat myself for getting through the day without entertaining boredom in the house! There was never a day I would sit at the swing on our frontyard with my palm on my chin. There is always something to do. And this something is what makes me look forward to another sunshine!

I need not say how busy my life has been the past weeks. Yet I know that shouldn't stop me from blogging. Pages and pages of stories have been left unwritten here. With much longing, I hope to once again fill my blog with photos and narratives for you to read and dream with.

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