I have lately wondered how it feels like to be photographed. The last time I was the subject of the camera was back in 2007 when Gino and I got married. From then on, I have been tasked, whether I like it or not, to be the official photographer in family events. The day I decided to put up LABSKI FOTOGRAFI, I have researched and practiced various ways to bring out a model's confidence, charm and glamour.
Naturally, I have forgotten how nerve-wracking it is to pose for the camera and use body language to evoke emotions.

But over the Christmas break, my husband insinuated that he wanted to take photos of me. Yes, the proposal is that the photographer gets photographed. Because it was my husband who asked, I gladly accepted the offer. Used to being the one behind the lens, I only know how to motivate a model, I do not know how to motivate myself if I were infront of the lens.

I am a proud wife, yet a shy model. And here, I am sharing with the blogosphere, Gino's first take on photography.

I must admit, I like everything! We could do another set soon with me properly dressed for it. Me posing for another photographer though could be negotiated. But for now, these images seen through the eyes of my husband, Gino Ray, makes me hopeful of a greener pasture for LABSKI FOTOGRAFI. You agree with me, don't you?

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