food for the soul 01.2011

One person working toward a dream is worth 99 people just working.
- Lani Kraus

We’ve all worked with people who just show up to fill space. Uninspired and stuck going through the motions, they pick up a paycheck on Monday and wait for Friday. Some are just killing time until retirement. Heck, maybe you find yourself in this situation. Not a very satisfying way to spend your days is it? Sounds like an easy life – except that in life, retirement can be permanent and unexpected. In your life, do you have a dream or a vision that you’re heading for, or are you puttering around vaguely? Before it’s too late, find a dream that’s worth the trouble. Nothing is wrong with hard work. Determination and elbow grease are what make the best dreams possible. But it’s interesting that most work makes us look downward, while dreams lift our eyes to the sky. While you’re keeping that nose to the grindstone, how can you keep your head up to see where you’re going? - SPARKPEOPLE TRANSLATION

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