cupid and psyche FAQs

So now you ask yourself, "Should I get this Mini-Session Labski Fotografi is offering?" For clients who are interested to get Cupid and Psyche, A Pre-Valentine Affair, please read the details below.


  1. What is a Pre-Valentine Mini-Session and what do we get from it?

A Pre-Valentine Mini-Session is similar to a Soon-To-Wed couple’s engagement pictorial. What makes it different from the latter is that this session is going to be a fun, carefree and high-spirited shoot! It’s a couple’s chance to be creative and have outta this world ideas!

Getting LABSKI FOTOGRAFI’s Pre-Valentine Mini-Session gives you an hour of outdoor pictorial which shall include the following:

3 Wardrobe Changes*

1 8in. x 10in. printout of couple's chosen image on a glass frame

Proof of printable high-resolution images stored in DVD

* Wardobe will not be provided by LABSKI FOTOGRAFI.

It should be brought by the couple. Consultation may be done.

  1. Yes we’re interested to book a mini-session. How do we make reservations for it?

As soon as you decide on getting a slot, email us at labskifotografi[at]gmail.com. We only have very limited slots for the photo session so you have to make your reservations and pay a 50% downpayment through LABSKI FOTOGRAFI’S personal bank account. You may choose to deposit it at the Bank of the Philippine Islands or ChinaBank. We will get in touch with you and privately give you our bank account details. As soon as we have confirmed your downpayment, we will let you choose your time slot.

Reservation fee is non-refundable. If for some reason you cannot make it to the schedule, contact us right away so we can make arrangements.

  1. What should we wear for the mini-session?

The Pre-Valentine Mini-Session encourages you to wear 3 kinds of attire: it may be Formal, Casual or Creative. A graceful looking long gown or cocktail dress will definitely look good on a formal portrait. A neat-looking everyday attire may be worn for a casual look. For the creative portrait, sky’s the limit! Be your dream role --- an innocent-looking angel, a glamorous princess or a rock icon! The point is, dress up the way you want to. If you want to let go of the usual Formal outfit, fine. Just don’t forget to bring lotsa props!

  1. What time should we be at the venue?

We need you to be at the venue at least an hour before your mini-session. So if your slot is at 9:00 – 10:00 in the morning, be at the venue at exactly 8:00AM! If you will avail of our complete hair & makeup session, you have to be there 2 hours before your slot. This is to give our resident hair & makeup artist enough time to do her tricks on you.

  1. How long after the shoot will we get our DVD and printout?

The day after your mini-session, 20 chosen and professionally enhanced images shall be uploaded on LABSKI FOTOGRAFI’s Facebook Fan Page. You may meetup with us for the DVD of all raw images in any MRT station. As soon as you have viewed the files, choose which image you wish to be printed 8x10. Send the filename of that image to LABSKI FOTOGRAFI so we can start enhancing the photo and printing it. Enhancing, printing and delivery of printout from the time you send the filename will take about 1 week.

For other photo session inquiries or special accommodations, send an email to labskifotografi[at]gmail.com. Hurry now before the slots get filled-up!

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