sunsets & silhouettes

I am always fascinated with sunsets & silhouettes. It sends me an air of calmness. So I try to capture a photo of sunset whenever I can. And if I don't have my camera with me, I just adore the view in silence. I believe that all sunsets are beautiful, regardless of your camera. And so, here are my favorite shots of sunsets & silhouettes. Some are golden, some are red. I wanted the pictures to speak to a viewer. And I hope I was able to do just that.

Wait In Vain What I love about this photo: The way the boat was partly shown. It looked as if the boat was waiting for someone. I also love the colors of this photo. (This was shot in a beach in Iba, Zambales during an immersion with the Aetas for my MA class.)

Sunset Thoughts
What I love about this photo: The fisherman looking out in the horizon. It somehow created drama especially with the darkened areas where the focus seemed to be drawn on the sun. (Shot in the same beach in Iba, Zambales.)

One's Moment Under Red Skies
What I love about this photo: The way the sky turned red while my husband sat alone drinking a bottle of mineral water. I must say that the image is truly breath-taking. (Shot in Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera on Christmas eve of 2007.)

A Treasured Moment
What I love about this photo: It's me & my husband kissing on Christmas eve under the red sky! The photo is priceless.(Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera, Christmas eve of 2007.)

Hope For The Children
What I love about this photo: The candidness it evoked. It kinda looks spooky because of the heavy clouds but somehow, the presence of my niece & nephew balanced the scene. (Christmas 2007 in my mom's hometown in Pampanga.)

Title: Darkness Fell
What I love about this photo: The silent drama it evokes. (That's my brother Matt during Christmas 2007.)

I hope to post more photos in the coming days. Oh, by the way, my family & I are off to Grande Island Resort in Subic this Friday until Sunday for my sister's birthday treat.

Look at it. Isn't the island so inviting! I grabbed this image from their website. I can't wait to shoot the beach, the sand & the sun in Grande Island myself!

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