2008 wit a bang!

You guys know how much we planned for our Baguio trip. But like what my good friend Meck said, even if you've planned for something, things just won't go your way sometimes.

So here goes the story of our short-lived Baguio trip. We arrived there 5am of Dec.30 and I was coughing and sneezing and had this freaky fever. It felt as if my body was yelling at me, telling me to take a rest from all the holiday parties. Gino knew the moment he saw my eyes that I can't stay that long in baguio anymore. Knowing how much I wanted to spend New Year there, he asked me to make the decision --- to stay or to go back to Manila. And so a decision was made. We were to go back home at 6pm of the same day. Goodbye to all the nice places I wanted to see. We just dropped by some shops to buy goodies for family & friends, of course some stuff for us too. I was also able to take few photos.

What was even worse was waiting for our busride in the cold bus terminal for 6 hours. ang daming tao pabalik ng Manila! And hell, it was freezing cold!!!

We got home at 5am, imagine our ride at 12mn-5am in the coldness of that bus. Anyway, Dec.31, we ate dinner & an early Media Noche in my family's house in Mandaluyong.

My bro-in-law drove me & Gino home at 11:30pm. And our first New Year's eve was spent at the roofdeck of our home! Whoa! Who would have thought it would be that fun! With all the fireworks' display everywhere.

And at 12:30, Gino & I ate our first meal for 2008 with a bottle of red wine. Sweet! The Lord was telling us that our first New Year didn't depend n a certain venue. It depended on us!

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