christmas the labski way

It was our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Magtoto and we wanted it to be memorable. And it was! We spent it in Talipanan, Puerto Galera. We stayed at the Bamboo House Beach Resort.

It felt different there because it was so quiet, so unlike Whte Beach (although the sand wasn't as fine as the latter). It was the kind of celebration we prayed for --- quiet & romantic.=)

I was even able to take some really great shots! Here are some of my favor

After the PG christmas, Gino & I went straight to Pampanga to see my family. It took us 6 hours from PG to Pampanga, 3 hours to get to QC, an hour to have a quick lunch at Mcdo & 2 hours to get to Pampanga. It was really tiring. But when we finally got there, wow, food, food, food! My family prepared a cookout!

Here are some sunset shots I took while we were waiting for the food.

Browse our website to view our other pictures and you'll see how much fun we had!

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