preparing for baguio

The way we're planning things up, it's as if it's our first trip to Baguio. Well, actually IT IS! As a married couple, that is. We have been there a couple of times but I must say this trip is indeed worth looking forward to. It's our first New Year's eve together! And then minor problems happened. Like where we would stay because every hotel I contacted was fully booked! But with today's technology, of course I found us a place to stay. In short, salamat sa internet. Haha! My hubby must be so proud of me.

I'm listing down the places, hopefully, we'll visit.

1. Bell Church (I have heard so many good things about this place. Aside from it being so serene, they say you can also have your fortunes told.)

2. Cafe by the Ruins (Of course! We were so late the last time we were here. They were about to close already! And we weren't able to take pictures. Sad. I had their hot choco before. Now that I'm a coffee-drinker, I want to try the Ruins Coffee!) Photo courtesy of Aileen Apolo

3. Bridal Veil Falls (If time, weather and our wallets permit, we might be lucky enough to see it.)

4. Dominican Hill, Grotto, Maryknoll Convent and Baguio Cathedral (To say our gratitude to Him for the 2007 labski year!)

5. Botanical Garden (I want to see flowers! And plants! And everything that goes with it!)

6. Pizza/Cafe Volante (I heard they serve delicioso pizzas here at very good prizes.)
Photo courtesy of Aileen Apolo

7. PMA (We both haven't been here & I hope to see it this time.)

8. The Mansion, Wright Park and Burnham Park (Yeah, I know, baduy. Here are the reasons why these are part of the itinerary: I want to take good pictures of the Mansion. Gino hasn't tried horsebackriding yet. And it is only in Baguio that I get do Biking 101. You see, I'm a newbie biker. Blush.)

9. Mines View Park (Just because of the corn and grilled pusit! Oh, yum-yum!)

10. Camp John Hay (Why not take a look at this posh sanctuary.)

11. SM and Session (
Baduy ulet. I haven't been to SM Baguio e. I know that isn't an excuse. But here's a good one: It's a must for Gino and me to go there because we have to buy our groceries for the Media Noche! Haha. Nice excuse. And oh! Of course I have to know how it feels like to be in a mall that has no aircon. Lastly, Session Road because it's the ukay haven.)

I'm so excited I can't sleep! Wait. Why are we planning so much about Baguio when Puerto Galera is our first vacation destination? Hahaha! Alright. PG planning tomorrow! Photos posted here (unless otherwise mentioned) and the information on the places courtesy of Juny P. La Putt and GoBaguio!

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