Christmas Is In The Air!

It feels like a year since my last post here. I was too busy with a project I had at work & I must say that it drained my creative juices. I would try to start on a scrap but darn, I couldn't begin on even one lay-out. It was so f*5@ing frustrating! But my project ended last thursday already and it was a TGIAW (meaning, thank-God-it's-a-weekend). Oooh, finally. I have started my 2008 calendar. Well, at least for the month of january. Hehe.

My thankies to the following: Aja Abney_jane & bingley papers , Anne Langpap_july pea kit , Scrapdoll_prune chocolatée doodle , Gloria Val Verde_button tin , Tracy Drane_baby journals , font_trubble , font_zapfino.

Also, thankies to 2peasinabucket for inspiring me to make my own 2008 journal. I am so excited to have it printed! Aay, I have to finish it pala muna. A lot of missing pages still. But here's my journal's cover.

Credit for my journal's cover goes to Amy Teets_sun porch kit , ShabbyPrincess_vintage florals , Dnadryad_sweet porcelain elements, Anke Arnold_wire embellishments , Sueli Colbert_my moment kit , Petit Moineaux_tendre moment kit. I also attached one of my favorite scraps entitled Circle of Light.

I hope to finish my February to April calendars tonight. =)

Oh, by the way, today marks our 5th month as Mr. & Mrs. Magtoto. And what a wonderful way to celebrate it by visiting the salon together. Haha. It's one of our
guilty pleasures even when we were still single. I must tell you, each day just gets better and better. We've been married for 153 days and life has been sweeter than ever. We pretty much do the same stuff we did when we were still single. Like our food-trips, dvd marathon, shopping, salon visits. There are additional stuffs now though. Like these days, I wake up on weekends with my breakfast in bed. Imagine, my hubby preparing our breakfast! I can still recall those old days when he would tell me how he hates the fact that I don't eat breakfast. And the promise he made that when we get married, he'll make sure I have one everyday. Isn't that sweet!

Contrary to what my married officemates said that "once you're married, you hardly have time to go on out-of-town trips", well my dear friends, Gino and I are countin
g the days til our first Christmas. We will be spending it in Baguio City!

DaisypathVacation Ticker

I heard the weather falls at 13 degrees these days in Baguio. Brrrr... And our first New Year? Of course it has to be special too. We'll spend it in Puerto Galera. I a
m so excited I just bought my 2piece metallic black bikini. Look at it!

So skimpy! So sexy! I'm still thinking if I'll have the kapal ng mukha to post a picture of me wearing it. Hehehe. (Thanks to Ella Lim for her online bkini store.) Oh dear... It sure will be a New Year with a bang!

DaisypathVacation Ticker

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