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Staying at home the past few days made me realize how much dirt a house could collect during summer. With the irritatingly dry season, home maintenance can be such a challenge. As one stares at the filthy bathroom and dust-filled furniture, cleaning one’s house seems like an impossible task. But with various appliances being sold in the market right now, even bathroom painting can be a breeze. So what are these home maintenance tools and what wonders do they do?

As we move around our house, a scratchy throat and a red nose are common things for me and my husband during dry season. A humidifier helps relieve us from this discomfort by adding moisture in our living space. This is something we can just place in any area of the house and it would work on its own. To deal with dust mites that leave ugly and red marks on my skin, I have read of deep carpet cleansers. We haven’t tried one but it claims to deeply penetrate each and every thread of a carpet. Aside from compact canister vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners can also be a cheap way to keep one’s home bacteria-free. Both are light enough to carry.

In general, a regular home maintenance routine is a must-have for every household. It doesn’t matter how much tools you have. What matters is how regular and keen you are in keeping your house dust-free as often as you can.

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