dreaming of luxurious mallemort

For the longest time, my husband has been trying to convince me to watch this action-packed movie that would keep you at the edge of your seat. He was referring to Jason Statham’s The Transporter Trilogy. The first of the 3 part movie was shot in France and I must admit, aside from keeping me on the edge of my seat, the movie left me dreaming of visiting France. Who wouldn’t dream about living in luxurious Mallemort in the Provence region of France!

An overnight accommodation in one of the large fairytale villas in Mallemort kept running in my mind. Imagine living the lifestyle of the rich and famous for a week: a quiet sip of wine by your own private pool, your 4-bedroom country-style villa situated at a golf course, a breath-taking view of vineyard strewn garden of your own. And with the blazing hot weather we now have, beach holidays in Provence would be a great alternative to the overcrowded Boracay.

Living the life of luxury in Provence even for just a week is a grand vacation dream overworked individuals wish to enjoy. With all the meetings, reports and deadlines one has to do at work, self-catering holidays in Mallemort en Provence is a much needed respite from stress. And who knows, when you get there, you just might see Jason Statham shooting yet his next adventure-filled film.

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