summer means freedom

Summer can be irritating especially for women like me entertaining a monthly visitor. Yet for some, it can also be the grandest time of their lives. For students, summer means freedom. And that is exactly how my nephew feels since he had his last school day in Don Bosco.

With my sister's permission, Bruce was allowed to stay in my place for 3 days and 2 nights. So what does that mean to him? It means endless playstation and PC games with my husband, bottomless ice cream serving, plateful of chips, late-night movie marathon plus a bonus trip to nearby Pasig Rainforest.

Those were freedom days for Bruce. And as I brought him back to his house, I noticed how quiet he was the whole ride. "You miss Bryan and Ogre?", I asked him, referring to the Tekken characters he used. His reply was a sheepish smile!

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claire said...

wow, sarapg namang magbakasyon sa inyo - bottomless ice cream serving!!! me like it too.. hehehe..