being an educator

The last time I felt this tired was a year ago when I had to cram for some documents needed at work. Now, the reason for my screaming bones is still work-related because so many things are happening all at the same time. I am not ranting though. Because despite the hectic schedule (I couldn't even call my husband), a lot of realizations couldn't escape from my reflective mind.

Our Lower School Recognition is tomorrow and Graduation on Sunday. The gowns I shall be wearing on both events are ready. The shimmery pair of shoes have been bought too. Although graduation means the end of the school year, for us educators it actually means the start of a fresh year. While all our students are having their summer vacation, we are in our work areas preparing for their comeback after about 90 days.

Being an educator is a very challenging yet rewarding profession. Aside from the paperworks
, we are 24/7 on-call if our students or their parents need us. Very similar to call center agents, you might say. But in this line of work, there's more to it than just the time. Being an educator, we get to touch, encourage and inspire today's youth.

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Joanne MV said...

Amen! Ü Good thing that your not considering going abroad