the promotion

Life hands us a lot of surprises when we least expect it. I think that is the very essence of a surprise --- to catch you at your most unguarded moment.

What transpired in my life this week is a rollercoaster of surprises. It started with our School Headmaster telling me the good news --- a promotion. I admit, I had a feeling I will eventually get there. But I didn't expect it this soon. And the way I was told about it was really funny! I admit though, it made me nervous too, knowing a promotion is synonymous to more responsibilities.

The minute I told my husband about it removed all my apprehensions and worries. How did he do it? Two things in two nights. First night, he brought me home my favorite Sbarro pizza flavor which I haven't eaten in months. Second night, he brought me to a Nike Women branch and bought me this yellow running shoes which I have been dreaming about!

With a husband so proud of his wife's accomplishments, who wouldn't love to be promoted? I love you labski! Thankies for being so proud of me!


myls said...

congrats jan! :)

Joanne MV said...

Congrats sis! Ü

Suzanne said...

COngrats, Jan! Well-deserved!!