dreaming about dreams

Weird. This morning, a sense of calmness reigned on me while I listened to this 80s song called These Dreams. As if that wasn't enough, I even had to look for its lyrics so I could reflect deeply on what the song says. Popularized by the hit-band Heart, the song speaks about how unimaginable things can simply happen in dreams. And so one line says, "funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth".

While I was subdued in my thoughts, I got a phone call from my boss, instructing me to attend a meeting for her. And what was the meeting all about? It was all about dreams --- our dreams and plans for our departments that would set our school above the rest. Just when you are dreaming about dreams, you end up in a meeting about dreams. It left me weirded out. Wouldn't you too?

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Joanne MV said...

Love this song Jan! :)