wandering through la mesa eco park

On my third trip to La Mesa Eco Park in Fairview, Quezon City, I still failed to try their zip-line, wall-climbing and rappelling activities. Yet that time, I was thankful I got to ride on one of their for-rent bikes. It was challenging for me because it was my only 5th bicycle ride since I learned how to ride one in 2005. The bike area in La Mesa Eco Park was a small jagged road which accelerated my nerves.

The baskets of food my mother-in-law prepared were a clear evidence how excited we all were for grilling and eating picnic-style. While my husband helped out grilling the pork barbeque, I hid inside the tent. It felt humid in the beginning but eventually it felt relaxing lying there. In just a few minutes, the comic book I was reading dropped from my hands as I fell asleep.

At La Mesa Eco Park, even the person who enjoys living a sedentary lifestyle would love lazing around its lush sceneries. And for those who like experiencing adrenalin rush, then this place should be in your list of Places-To-Be.

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