the rebirth of coffee break

To celebrate the rebirth of coffee break, we shall be doing several but definitely interesting revisions to it. Think innovative. Think themes. Think interactive. With the comeback of coffee break, expect it to be more engaging because we will be following one theme every month. So why do I say it's more engaging this time? Because the monthly themes will all be coming from you! Every blogger who participates will be called a --- BREWER! Isn't that exciting!

So, to start the ball rolling, I am now calling all those brewers reading here. Now is your chance to send in a theme you want for the months of April - September. It can be about anything, but it just has to be one word. Again, each theme has to be just a word. Let's say, for the month of March, our theme will be SUMMER. So for the whole month, the topics will be related to summer --- , tips on looking vavavoom this summer, the best thing about summer, happiest summer memories, yummiest summer food. Get the idea? Now send in your themes. We need 5 themes to get us through from April - September. Jot it down now!

As soon as we start doing our discussions again, I shall be posting an official icon for those brewers out there who never get tired contributing their clever thoughts. And if you guys don't mind, I hope you could post that icon in your blogs in celebration of coffee break's rebirth!


Joanne MV said...

'm so excited...Hmmm... Let's see...
March - SUMMER
April - HOLY WEEK (pwede ba 2 words?)
May - FIESTA / FLOWERS (they say that flowers are in full bloom when it's May)
July - RAINY
August - WET
September - PRE-CHRISTMAS (one word ba ito???)

That's my suggestions...hehehe

Princess Vien said...

wow, this will be fun! I'm so excited. Great idea sis.

Kite said...

I have question??? kailangan bang everyday ka mag-update ng blog mo and kailangan bang every month you should be active to participate in every themes?

Here's mine:
April- vacation
May- Enrollment
June- Classes
July- Sickness
August- Heroes
September- Exam

NIce idea sis!!!Thank you for your creative juices

Joanne MV said...

In celebration of W@W 10th Anniversary, here's a tag to reminisce our W@Wie days - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2009/03/ten-ten-te-ten-bring-back-your-wwie.html