the email

Borrowed a tent from a friend. Listed the stuff to bring. Planned the activities. Thought of the wardrobe. These are the things my husband and I have done in preparation of our La Mesa Eco Park weekend with the inlaws. We were so decided on doing every possible activity available at the Eco Park. Until I got this email.

It was the email my husband and I have long waited for. We even prayed for it. After about 2-3 months have passed with a deafening silence, we thought maybe it is not possible. So we didn't think about it anymore. As I opened the email this morning, I knew our plans for the weekend definitely have changed. And we are absolutely excited to be there tomorrow at 10am - 2pm!

Where are we headed to? I really want to tell you about it but my husband said "No, not yet". I think I can give you a clue though. Let me see... Hmmm, 1 word. Television. Yeah, I know that didn't help you at all. But that's all I can give you for now, my lips are sealed!

I hope things will turn out well tomorrow. Our fingers are crossed!

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Joanne MV said...

TV guesting? Hehehehe