rtv crazy

4 days to go before RTV or the Reedley Talent and Variety Show. For the whole month of January (and up to the day before the big show), the RTV is what keeps me and the rest of the Reedley community busy. Stress and anxiety are two common feelings permeating in the air. But above the worries, a rush of excitement runs through every Reesian. Here is a video from the previous RTV --- a group of Korean students grooving to the song called Balloons.

The RTV is a highly anticipated event in Reedley. It happens every after 2 years with a different theme each show. It showcases the talents of Reedley students, alumni and faculty. Expect music icons such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and the Beatles, portrayed by students, to perform on-stage as this year's show is entitled RTV Icons.

RTV Icons will be held this Sunday, February 08 at the AFP Theater. The Matinee Show starts at 1:30 P.M. while the Gala starts at 5:00 P.M.

Here's a video of one of the acts lined up in this year's RTV. The Reedley Breakfluid Streetdance 2008 Contest winner --- CAUTION.

For ticket inquiries, you may call 631-2262. The day of the big event, I will be at the lobby of the AFP Theater welcoming you!

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