bohol: 3 day - 2 night itinerary

We got back from our Bohol trip Tuesday afternoon. And yet, my mind is still filled with the breath-taking sceneries and the crazy adventure.
We were all first-timers in Bohol but we never felt that way the minute we set foot at the Tagbilaran Airport. The 3 day-2 night itinerary I made based on what I read in the blogosphere helped a lot. The Bohol tour information I got from travel forums gave me names and numbers of Boholanos who could guide us as we explore and discover the beautiful province of Bohol.

Tatay, Gino with our driver cum tour guide, Kuya Ray

Countryside Tour Driver. Kuya Ray Plata did not only serve as our driver as we went around the province but as a well-informed tour guide too. Working as one of the drivers of St. Jude Rent-a-Car, Kuya Ray was in uniform when he picked us up at Grand Luis Lodge at 7am. We agreed to have him for 12 hours as we explore 16 tourist spots (see itinerary below) for Php3000. Take not, 16 tourist spots! The usual package is for 7 destinations at Php2500. We had to extend up to 9pm because of a series of stopovers (grocery and pasalubong shopping, sunset pictorial at the middle of the road, going back to the hotel to get some stuff, etc). I thought Kuya Ray would ask for an extra charge like what other drivers there would do, but he did not. He was even clueless as he tried to return the Php1000 tip we gave him. Now that's an authentic Boholano! Going to Bohol? Here is Kuya Ray's mobile number, +63906-7329566.

Gino helping Terrence go down Kuya Jojo's boat.

Island Hopping. I contacted Jojo Sales for our island hop. For Php1500, he would bring us to the spot somewhere at Pamilacan Island where dolphins playfully show off their enthusiasm. But we weren't able to go dolphin-watching because we got to the boat after lunch. Dolphins only go out and play at around 6-8am. Wondering if it would be okay to see the untouched Virgin Island, I told him to drop us there. He obliged! Normally, boatmen would charge you a different fee if you go there because it's not part of most island hop packages. The Virgin Island reminds me of Camiguin's White Island. Its long stretch of sandbar will leave you speechless. The water was crystal-clear you would see every starfish resting close to your toes. Before he brought us to the famous Alona Beach, I told Jojo to drop us first at Balicasag Island so we could go snorkeling. And that was such a wonderful experience! Imagine a school of fish in rainbow colors swimming 3 inches away from you! Imagine corals at your feet, in various hues, dancing to the waves of the water! With Php1500, you get to experience these. You may reach Jojo at +62921-7648430 / +63932-3294914 / +63926-4427830.

I am attaching a copy of our 3day-2night itinerary below. Feel free to grab and edit it then tell me about your Bohol experience too!


sendzki said...

magwawala ako sa Panglao pag nakabalik ako ng Bohol....inapakan lang ata namin white sand tapos nag-disappear like ninjas to the not so amazing Chocolatey Hills

Joanne MV said...

Thanks for sharing this Jan! Hmm...Maybe next year, will go naman sa Bohol... This year were set to Boracay in June ;)