the tale of the mangrove

My body was screaming at me as our countryside tour of Bohol came close to an end. Why would it not. Our schedule was so hectic. But believe me, I did not, at all, complain. Was not even close to uttering a phrase that would mean complaining.

While my husband and I recalled with excitement all the marvelous tourist destinations we visited in our Boholandia adventure, we couldn't help but ask each other which our favorite spot was. As he enumerated his 3 favorites (Balicasag Island snorkel adventure, Virgin Island, Floating Restaurant experience) I realized it was a difficult question for me to answer. As I pondered on my favorite Bohol spot, what welcomed us on the road was an incredible red sky. The bay area at Barangay Laya in the town of Baclayon looked like a canvas painted by an awesome artist. My husband heard the excitement in my voice and asked our driver to stop in the middle of the road. Without any words, we went out of the van and stood by the shore as I took shots of the mangrove, standing all alone.

Title of the Photo: The Tale of the Mangrove
What I Love about the Photo: The manner the shot was taken, as my husband and I had to run across the road just to get close to the shore.

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