new blog dress

Would you believe, after months of planning, I finally have a new blog dress! It feels so refreshing to look at my blog now, especially that I created the header and the headings for each link. I have traveled to a lot of sites offering free templates but I want my blog to look unique --- have its very own dress. And so I planned and designed, using Adobe Photoshop of course plus the templates available on Blogger. I had to do several revisions before I came up with its final look.

The header, showing the photo of my brother's pet turtle is my current favorite shot and I thought using it in my blog is just perfect. The headings for each link, or what I'd like to call as icons, are made from scrapbook elements I found online for free.

Looking at my blog now, it is quite obvious how I love the color green. There are still some issues I need to fix though, like my customized signature and the font color of my old posts. But for now, I think my blog's new look rocks! What do you think?


Joanne MV said...

Wow! Indeed it is refreshing ;)

My hubby loves the color green as well =) I'm planning to change the look of my blog too but I'm having trouble on how to do it.

Care to share some tips? :)

ART'S WIFE said...

very nice sis, great job!!! :D

janis said...

wow! congratulations with the new look!!! :D
naku e blog header lang inaabot ako ng buong araw, paano pa kaya if i make my own layout na? weeks! hahaha!

congrats again :D