invading pasig rainforest

If you want a quick escape from the City's noise and pollution, then head on to Pasig Rainforest! A project well-thought of by Mayor Eusebio, this sanctuary was created to give the people of Pasig a feel of the rural life without leaving the city. Located in Maybunga, Pasig, the Pasig Rainforest is a massive land area filled with trees, kois, picnic site, jogging trail, swimming pool, mini-train and a zoo. The best thing about it is that anyone can enjoy it for free!

With its bright colors, who wouldn't want to smile and get wacky by these walls. Here, my husband and I got trigger happy by shooting and snapping (our cameras, that is) unmindful of people passing by who kept laughing at our crazy antics.

An accident might have happened in the past which prompted the management to close this area where extreme sports used to take place. Overly excited seeing it, my husband and I opened its gate and tried the obstacles. In a minute or two, a security guard started whistling and scolding us for going inside the no-entry area. I wanted to answer back but thought it wouldn't help. Looking back, being stubborn and all, we deserved all the screaming from this uniformed man who was merely doing his job. Anyway, we got some good photos before we were caught!

Our original plan was to jog at the Pasig Rainforest but we ended up being perky and hyper by shooting and snapping our camera. Obviously, we had tremendous laughter and fun visiting this place. Why don't you try and enjoy the place too! See more of Pasig Rainforest here.

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