weekend madness

Fridays. Who wouldn't love it. It means the end of work, for the current week, at least. Fridays mean weekend too! This weekend is particularly looked forward to by me and my husband. After more than a month of devoting our weekends to his family's side, finally, this weekend is especialy ours!

And what are our plans this weekend? Think nature-trip and shopping and a late night dinner al fresco-style. To start it off, we'll do brisk-walking at the Pasig Rainforest (I will get to use my new running shoes for the first time!). For the shopping part, we'll be buying his new basketball attire. And for the late night dinner al fresco-style, we'll be trying the Marikina Riverbanks for a change.

I hope I don't forget my camera so I could document our activities this weekend. Happy weekend blogmates!

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