boston celtics bags 17th NBA title

Rah! Rah! Rah! After 22 long years, Boston Celtics wins the 17th NBA title. It was a stunning 131-92 win over LA Lakers on game 6. Their first title together, it was indeed sweet victory for the triumverate Paul Pierce (NBA Finals MVP), Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.

My husband is a die-hard KG fan. And although his sports gears are all Nike items, upon learning KG was Adidas' endorser, his eyes popped out seeing KG's shoes at the Alabang Town Center last weekend. Ssshh... Hubby doesn't know. I am saving up on it.

I am glad Celtics won. Not because I'm a fan. But I thought, hey, why not let another team get the title. It's about time the NBA goes green!

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claire said...

ahh.. congratulations! i'm a Lakers fan.. and i'm just sad.. anyway, see you again next year in the finals, maybe? aheheheh.. :)