my husband's busted plans

"Check my inbox. Rashid texted me this afternoon", my husband said last night. And so, being the obedient wife that I am, I did.

Their exchange of text messages was mostly about work. Rashid was encouraging my hubby to transfer to this multinational company. The benefits were way better than my hubby's current company, he said. After reading their messages, I was about to put his cellphone down when I noticed a saved message in his draft. It says:

Cinderella starring Lea Salonga CCP July 29 - August 24
Alicia Keys Concert Big Dome August 5
Chris Daughtry Show Eastwood City July 29
Lifehouse Concert Big Dome July 26

Puzzled, I read it out loud to him. And then he turned red, scratched his head and told me, "I always fail to surprise you, don't I?" That was when I understood it. One of these shows is his gift for me on our 1st wedding annivesary on July 3!!! Hahaha! Busted! I jumped up to him like a baby seeing her mama after a long day at work. I was so happy knowing that he was planning something this big for me! He knows how much I love watching concerts and musical plays. And this surprise, though I busted it, did surprise me big time!

I had to comfort him though. He felt disappointed that I found it out too soon. "I wanted to surprise you with the tickets, not with the draft message." Aaw... That is so sweet!

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