separation anxiety

So this is how it feels like.

Last night, tears just fell from my eyes as my husband and I spoke of our looming first overnight apart. This Friday and Saturday is our company outing at the Mimosa Clarkfield in Pampanga. Initially, I planned on joining them just for the day because my husband and I, we didn't want us separated even for just a night. I have made arrangements already that I shall go home after dinner on Friday. Even if I have to take a bus going back to Manila, I didn't mind! However, there has been some miscommunication-slash-misunderstanding and it's a MUST for me to be in Mimosa the whole duration of the outing. I really felt heavyhearted. After an hour of contemplating and processing by my new buddy Mai and another hour with my hubby Gino encouraging and assuring me it's ok, I was convinced. Well, half-convinced.

It's just for a night, I know. But hey, don't blame me. Separation anxiety. And it's killing me.

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