coffee break ver. 1.24

And so it happened. After being apart for 16 years, my long lost buddy and I, through the help of the world wide web, are in touch again. A lot of catching up to do. But thanks to emails, chats and blogs. Although we are miles apart, she being in Norway and me here in our beloved country, the stories never end. It feels like she's just in another city!

I am sure you have a story to tell too of how technology, the internet in particular, has played a role in your life. Finding a lost lost friend. Being inspired by someone's blog. Meeting one's lifetime partner. Chancing upon a new friend. The list could go on and on. C'mon, share it with us.

How has the internet made wonders to your social life?


Ibyang said...

the same thing happened to me...my story is, we're not even friends in gradeschool but just because she posted our grade 1 (yes, grade 1) photo on friendster, we met here in Sydney. here's my story:


Fresh Pair PH said...

I get updates on the whereabouts of my HS batchmates and classmates through friendster :)

Unknown said...

Hi Jan!

Here's mine - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/06/coffee-break-ver-124.html


Rocks said...

here's mine sis :)


theworkingmom said...

My answer on my other blog :)


tracypamela said...

Hi Jan, thanks for inviting me to join your coffee break.

here's mine..


mari said...

hi jan... here is my answer for this week's coffee break http://gwenmarisalvilla.com/2008/06/27/coffee-break-124.aspx

Princess Vien said...

hi jan.. it's nice to be back!!

here's mine..


abie said...

hi sis. my coffee break here:


happy weekend

Suzanne said...

The WWW made a huge impact in my life. Definitely! It was through the Net that I met Liz, my super good friend who eventually introduced me to digiscrapping which in turn opened me into a whole new world of blogging. Through digiscrapping and blogging, I met new friends and these two hobbies widened my perspective about life and the world. These make me appreciate life more. I am a happier and contented person, thanks to the Internet. ;)

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Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Hi Jan.. just came back from our Snow Trip!! Here is mine http://aussietalks.com/2008/06/love-at-first-chat-coffee-break.html
See you on my site...
have a great day

Ozzy's Mom said...

hi Jan, here's mine - COFFEE BREAK