melot, my long lost buddy

I was ecstatic the minute I saw a comment from a Maria Rosabelle Williams in my recent post. I knew right then, even if the surname sounded foreign, that this was the same person I have been searching for in the world wide web for years now.

Melot, as I fondly call her back in 1991, was my best buddy in High School. She was like an ate to me. She would remind me to behave when I had to. Yet she would go crazy with me when it was a let-your-hair-down experience. We've had our bonding moments. Yet we had our petty quarrels too. We've shared our laughter. We've wiped our tears. A year or two after, she migrated to Norway. Within another year, we lost touch.

Dearest Melot,
I am so glad to finally find you. We have a lot of catching up to do! I see that you're married too. I would love to see photos of you with your own family. The story of my life is no secret. It's written and weaved all over the net. But hearing it from me personally would be more interesting. Leave me a message at my yahoo, address it to mjmagtoto. I'll spread the news to the rest of the gang (that would be Evelyn and the boys). I'll be waiting for your reply! Take care buddy!

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