coffee break ver. 1.21

Because it's the time of the year when students go back to school, our topic for this week is still related to schooling. To make it a fun "going-back-in-time" theme, we shall talk about our days back in Grade School.

Grade School is one of the most exciting time in our lives. It is monumental as it is a time of firsts. First day in school. First teacher. First seatmate. First homework. First quiz. And a whole lot of other firsts. Most of us come out of our shells during this time too. This week's coffee break, I invite you to share with us

How were you like as a grade school student?


Vannie said...

Thanks Jan, love my 'do too! ahahaha ^_^ will do this tomm.tc


How were you like as a grade school student?

Back then, my hair was combed sideways. I looked like a young Rizal, at least hair-wise hehe :)

I was neither at the the top nor the bottom of the class. I can remember the days when we would write down notes as fast as we could. It was a race. The first to finish would squeel "pssss!" (which meant TAPOS!)

Ibyang Sanchez said...

i was a very active student in grade school both in academics and extra-curricular activities. :)

Princess Vien said...

may coffee break pla. i thought wala. hehe

theworkingmom said...

My memories of grade school here.

Joanne MV said...

Hi Jan!

Here's my answer to this week's coffee break - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/06/coffee-break-ver-121.html

Enjoy reading it...hehehe Ü

Princess Vien said...

im done with my answer..


Vannie said...

ahahaha, mine's up here jan!

i hated grade school. i was a soooo naive back then teehee.


Teys said...

Hi Jan! mine's up na din. sorry a bit late.... :) better late than late, late pa rin (ay anu ba yun? lol)


~The Londoner said...

I was so quiet when around other kids, I preferred speak to adults...now its the other way round lol