another red tag sale

If I didn't pass by SM Megamall yesterday morning, I wouldn't have known Megatrade Hall was having another Red Tag Sale on branded shoes. Offering 40-70% discount from September 16-20, the Red Tag Sale features the following footwear brands: Skechers, Rockport, Vans, Sandugo, Tribu, Dupe, Anta, Outland, Sonnix, Rider and Ed Hardy. Aside from bringing your cash, you have to be equipped with your decision-making skills if you wish to drop by. Why? Because there are a lot of cheap but fashionable finds you wouldn't know which one to get!

It took me and my husband hours before he could decide which pair of training shoes to get. An hour of fitting on the various pairs he liked didn't help him choose. To give him a breather, we went out of the Megatrade Hall, heard mass and ate a hearty dinner at Wham. With our tummies full, Gino was keen on finally choosing and buying his pair of training shoes. In 30 minutes, he had 2 pairs infront of him, still undecided which one to get. After asking me to choose the pair I wanted for him, he goes to the cashier paying for the pair I didn't choose.

Now who says girls are indecisive?

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Joanne MV said...

I agree with you. Girls are decisive so much that they want to have it all! Hahahaha! Ü