hippie mommies

It is amazing to have mothers like them --- spirited and passionate! Spirited because they gamely battled the mud-filled soil of Forest Club, oblivious of the fact that their once brightly-colored toenails turned into an ugly shade of brown. Passionate because of the enthusiasm seen through their eyes over the grand display of hued flowers, blooming plants and aged trees. In short, my mom and my mother-in-law are hippie mommies!

Mama and Nanay during one of their
bonding moments in Forest Club

It was a surprise birthday treat for my mother-in-law. Obviously, she was blown away with the daytour adventure we had in store for her. She did not expect such a rare surprise! But looking at this photo of her with my mom sitting at the poolside casita made me realize it was I who had the biggest surprise of my life! The realization of having 2 hippie mommies is amazing. They are my real gems!

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jeff said...

ganda ng mga pics ate!.. btw kaka birthday ko lang nung september 11..