freebies: live, laugh, love stationary pad

I remember back in elementary and high school how my friends and I would show off our collection of stationary pads during break time. We would fondly collect those pads in various colors and designs. Gladly, we would trade one for a more unique collection. Back in those days, having a number of colored sheets completes the simplicity of our day.

Now that we have access to digital scrapbook kits and photoshop, we can make our own stationary pads. We are able to customize it according to our preferred color and design. I am now sharing 3 stationary pads you might wish to have. I have made 3 designs in 3 hues, all of which comes with a tag that says "Live well. Laugh often. Love much".

Blue Stationary Pad

Pink Stationary Pad

Yellow Stationary Pad

Credit for the kits I used goes to Anne Langpap from her Two Peas in a Bucket Freebie Collection. Get these stationary pads at this LINK
for free! Don't forget to show me some love by leaving a comment if you liked what you downloaded. It will inspire me to make more freebies!


Joanne MV said...

hi jan! love the stationary pads youi've created :)

btw, where is the location of the gym of those muay thai instructors you know? :)

denny said...

Hi Jan!
I see your comment in my blog and I come here to see your work... very beautiful!!!! I love stationary pad ;)

denny said...

Hi Jan! I see your beautiful comment in my blog and I come here to see your work... very beautiful!!! I love stationary pads ;)