meet polly pocket

Given the rare chance to be in your lonesome with an ample amount of time, what would you rather do? Find company? Or enjoy your solitude?

After the suspension of classes this morning, the faculty were allowed to go home early. Despite the heavy downpour, I had to go straight to Robinson's Galleria to buy a new umbrella for my husband. I was planning to pay for the first umbrella I see. Spending several minutes before I could choose which color to buy, I finally picked out the green one. Why the green one? Because I decided to give Gino my old umbrella and use this new one instead. Mean? Yeah, I could sometimes be one.

As I walked around the mall still in my lonesome but ready to go home, I passed by Toy's R Us. It felt kinda odd but the establishment was trying to pull me in. Without even thinking why, I obliged and went in. The next thing I knew, I was handing the cashier my 500 peso bill. Blogmates, meet my new friend --- Polly Pocket!

Polly Pocket sporting a blonde bob cut
looking pretty in her pink floral top and pink skirt

Polly's trendy pink bag

Polly's little pink shoes

My husband can't help but laugh as I proudly showed him my new toy. The child in me just had to buy it. Aside from reminding me of my childhood, dear old Polly will come as a handy subject in my photo shoots. And these 3 shots are just the beginning of Polly's new career as my model!

So how did I spend
the rare chance to be in my lonesome? I enjoyed my solitude by looking around the toy shop. Eventually, I found company by adopting Polly Pocket!


Joanne MV said...

Can't wait for the other shots of Polly sporting a new wardrobe ;)

Olive =) said...

Jan, ang aga naman ng second childhood mo. Hehehe....But you know, it made me think when was the last time I had a new toy and played with it too.... Super, super tagal na! Well congrats, and enjoy Pink Polly! =)

Suzanne said...

She is cute, Jan! Love the details!

mem mallary-santiago said...