dramatic lighting

If you are observant enough, you would notice how a decorative lamp can create a dramatic ambiance in a room. Aside from its practical use of illuminating a particular space in your home, stylish lamps help compose the color, warmth and mood a homeowner wants to achieve. But with several factors to consider in buying light fixtures, how does one choose a good lamp?

Low voltage lamps are the types usually used in museums and art galleries. These are used to highlight a specific object to aesthetically define its look. Although it produces white light, we rarely use low voltage lamps in our homes since these are fire hazards. To create a homey feel, it is a common thing to see fancy desk and floor lamps in living rooms. I especially love the antique feel a stained glass lamp conveys. It is beautiful and a classic interior decoration for your home without sacrificing its function.

In general, in purchasing a good lamp, a buyer has to consider both functionality and its aesthetic look. It would help to look around your room and ponder on what mood you really want to create. Naturally, aside from these 2 factors, one has to consider the budget too!

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