campaign materials

So this is what happened. i got a call from my sister really early the other day. She was asking me to make campaign materials (flyers or posters) for my uncle. He was running as
Kagawad in the upcoming local election in my mom's hometown in Pampanga. Now, that wasn't much of a surprise. You see, my other uncle is trying to get re-elected as Kagawad in Manila. Politics in the family? Nah. Not for me.

Anyway, here are the stuff I came up with. Thanks to powerpoint for making my life easier. I only had one night to do these. Talk about pressure, huh. Plus, I didn't have any clue how I would do it. My sister said any color would do. That I can do whatever I want with it. I had to research the internet for ideas. And these are 4 designs I made.

So there. Yeah, I know. Too plain. But my family seemed to have liked it. Bonus point is that my uncle's favorite color is green. Hahaha! Talk about luck. Well, my sister's printer got tired printing the campaign materials. It's ink was dry after making 50 papers. Hehehe! I hope this is going to help my uncle's campaign. He's not just an uncle to me. He's our ninong in our wedding too! Goodluck tito Will!

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