weekend finds

Here ye! Here ye! October 6-8 was a very productive weekend for me. I was able to make 6 digiscraps! Can you believe that? I was just so inspired to work on my freebie finds. You do know that working on my digiscraps on weekdays is a bit of a challenge for me since i have my counseling job & my role as a supah wife to my supah hubby gino. Making a digiscrap on a weekday is a once-in-a-blue moon thing. I usually make one to relax me after a stressful counseling session. Or while waiting for my hubby to get home from work. That is why, on weekends, my goal is to make lotsa scraps!

Here's my scrap on a picture i took about 2 years ago of my favorite softdrink. I love the misty-blur look of the photo.

Here's a collection of pictures i took in intramuros, with my husband as my assistant (meaning, alalay, hehe, love you labski). I'm raving at the rustic look of old manila shown in the pictures.

My hubby & i are so addicted to heroes season 1. Naturally, we were so excited for the show's season 2. We've seen 2 episodes already. I can't wait for episode 3 tomorrow! I especially like claire & of course, peter! But the whole cast rocks! Here's a season 2 teaser i found in a fansite.

This time, I decided to make a scrap of me with my sisters, cousins & niece. This photo was taken by my hubby when we went to baguio city in january this year with my whole family. I love the kulitan moment depicted in this picture! Love the title too!

My pamangkins bruce & betchay are perfect subjects for photo shoots. This was a picture i took of them during a family vacation in subic. The title says it all!

The last weekend find but definitely my favorite --- a picture of me & my husband on our first vacation when we were still single. I asked him last night to look for our picture that he likes me to make into a digiscrap. I didn't know he would pick this one! It turns out this shot was super special to him (actually, to me too) because we took this using a can of pringles as our tripod. Very creative, don't you think. It's so green! So natural! So special indeed!

So there. I hope you liked my weekend finds. I hope to post more soon! I'm thinking of making scraps of people. Friends, relatives & strangers would be nice subjects.=)

Credits to 2peasinabucket & shabbyprincess. Oh! By the way, regarding my post last week --- the Pambansang Kamao won again! Go Pacman! Rock on!

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