the joy friendship brings

Here's a scrap of me & my college friends during my wedding.

With our busy lives, we seldom get to see one another. But on special occasions such as each other's weddings, we simply can't miss it. Ohh, memories of our UP days just fill up my mind as I look at this photo. It seemed just like yesterday when we would sit at the Sunken Garden as we giggle over one another's stories. The kilig moments. The heartbreaking stories. The embarassing situations. The class cards. The dreaded professors. The UP Fairs.

This time around, the topics are different. Weddings. Parenting. Jobs. These are mostly the topics whenever we get the chance to meet up. We do reminisce those unforgettable topics too. And we still end up giggling. Haha!

It's amazing how time flies. Really.

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