josh groban philippine tour

Sigh. Yep, while those who got tickets are shouting for joy, I am here in my lonesome. Sighing. I didn't get to buy tickets to see him live despite him having 2 nights at the PICC. The tickets are all sold out. Well, not really. The last time I checked, tickets left were those priced at Php20,000. Now, you know my husband won't let me use up our savings for a night with dear Josh. Ticket prices range from Php25,000 (limited), Php20,000, Php15,000, Php10,000, Php5,000 and Php3,000 (limited).

I guess I would have to entertain myself by watching videos of him in YouTube. And maybe, to console myself, would keep uploading his videos here for a month. Whooohuhu...

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