finally, new scraps!

My mouse is busted and I couldn't finish any scraps. That explains why I haven't been posting anything here (except for the campaign materials). Anyhow, here goes my new stuff. I am proud of these new ones. Haha!

But of course, my wedding picture! This portrait was used in the recent Wedding Congress in SM Megamall. It was so flattering when our photographer called us up to inform us our pictures were to be posted in the exhibit. Credits for this scrap: ShabbyPrincess_festival kit , Kate Teague_it's about mom kit , Veronica Ponce_cottage bluff kit

Here's a picture of my cousin Nina in Baguio City, taken in January 2007. Well, I owe her this picture, really. She's been wanting to see this since our vacation. But she hasn't seen it yet 'cause I always forget to email it to her. Hehe. So I decided to make her a scrap. A post-birthday gift for her too. Credits for this scrap: Amy Teets_sun porch kit , Rhonna Farrer_sew scrap kit , Scraps4u_dreaming world kit

To date, this is one of my favorite scraps. I just looooove it! That little girl is an Aeta. I took her picture 2 years ago when my class in Master's went to Zambales for an immersion. Worth posting, I believe! Credits to this scrap: Jolie Papillon_baby scrap kit , Lorrie M_old photographs & memories kit

This is my cousin Dette. She was one of the bridesmaids in my wedding. I must say that she looked really glamorous in this picture. I love her gown and her hair & make-up. Fab!!! Really! Credit for this scrap: stars & flowers felt

Alright. These are the boys in my family. That's my brother Matt (sitting below), my nephews Benjo, Bruce and Brandon. Of course, my husband Gino. This picture was taken in Redbox in Greenbelt during my mom's birthday party. Credits for this scrap: Mary Giles_corkboard, Veronica Ponce_my guy kit

That's one of my favorite cousins, Che-Che. I thought of making her a scrap as a birthday and thank-you gift. You see, she played an important role in our wedding. She was one of our beautiful coordinators (together with my other cousins). Credit for this scrap: Melanie Ann_blog freebie

Last but not the least, a scrap of me with the girls! We were all wearing yellow but I thought having pink as a motif would be nice. And I definitely love how this scrap looks. This was a shot taken in Pampanga, Christmas of 2006. It was a family reunion and we were asked to wear, yes, yellow. Haha! Credits for this scrap: Corina Nielsen_think pink kit , Liz Hutchison_beautifully mondane kit

That's it for now. My mouse is still busted but I'm trying my best to make scraps still. Especially that today's a friday. I have all the free time to make lotsa scraps over the weekend. TGIF everyone!

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