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The past weekend was a bit different. I wasn't so glued to my scraps. Because I was so glued to my husband. Hahaha! Quality time, really. Not that we don't have time for each other. But that weekend was different. Maybe because we didn't have any plans. Time was in our hands. We didn't have to hurry things up. We simply enjoyed being together. I gave him a massage saturday noon 'til he fell asleep. Of course I ended up sleeping too. We woke up at 730 in the evening. Would you believe that! We felt so bloated when we woke up. He paid me back a good massage sunday evening. Mmmmhh... No spa could even come close to that.

Anyway, I was still able to make some scraps. I promised some friends & relatives I have something for them. So here goes the sursprises.

My sisters haven't seen most of our wedding pictures so I decided to use this photo. This is officially our first ever family picture. First time that we are all together. Sweet sweet sweet. This photo is priceless. Credits: Karen Lewis_frame freebie , Jana Glueck_embellishments , Mullemaus_yellow & blue kit

That's Len-Len, another cousin of mine who helped us out in our wedding. The scrap says it all. Like me, she's a frequent traveller. But time is more onto her side. Working in a corpo, she gets to go on-leave more often. In a school-setting like mine, you cannot just leave the kids. So when it's vacation time --- take advantage! Credits for this scrap: Gina Marie Huff_flower freebie , Lorrie M_old photographs & memories kit , ShabbyPrincess_vintage florals , Ronna Penner_express yourself kit

Teena is my sister's friend. She is sooo cool that my family has grown to love her too. That's why when Gino & I started to plan for our wedding, without a blnk of an eye I told him right away that I wanted Teena to be our Commentator for our Nuptial Mass. She looked radiant in that vintage dress. I love it so much I want to borrow it from her! Haha. And do you know that Teena gave us a surprise during the reception. She co-hosted it with some friends and sang us a song! Now, that made her a total performer! Credits for this scrap: Mullemaus_yellow & blue kit , Janniscrapdesigns_twinkle twinkle kit , Jana Glueck_glitter frames

That's Terrence, Gino's cute nephew. I took this photo of them in Congo Grill SM Fairview during Father's Day. They both look so cute!!! Credits for this scrap: Sande Krieger_a little pizzazz elements , Annie Vallieres_wet paint kit , Monika69_black shapes elements

That's it for now. I have so many things to attend to. End of the 2nd quarter at work. Meaning, lotsa paperworks to prepare. But I'm still going to find time for scrapping. Promise!

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